Turns out you can have it all - be a royal, a superhero and part of a secret society á la Kingsman. Only in the magical world of Disney, right?

The trailer for the latest original movie for Disney+, 'Secret Society of Second-Born Royals', has landed online.

"They’re not the heirs, but they’re destined to protect the throne."

The movie follows rebellious teen royal Sam, second-in-line to the throne of the kingdom of Illyria. Sam’s picture-perfect older sister Eleanor who will become the next queen. But Sam doesn't care. She'd rather rock out with her band mate and best friend Mike at an illegal protest or a wild night out anyway.

Tired of her daughter's misbehaviour, Queen Catherine sends Sam to a summer boarding school. There, she and four other second-born royals – Tuma, Roxana, January and Matteo – discover they have unique super-human abilities. On other words, they are superheroes. They're invited to join a secret society, dedicated to covertly keeping the peace. Their instructor James (Skylar Astin - 'Pitch Perfect') teaches them how to harness their power and work together.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Élodie Yung also star in the film. Anna Mastro directs.

'Secret Society of Second-Born Royals' arrives on Disney+ on July 17, 2020.