With the fifth season of Arrested Development hitting our Netflix screens in the very near future, creator Mitch Hurwitz has revealed another update that will no doubt please fans.

The fourth season of the hit sitcom left many fans disappointed with the change in format, which saw each episode focusing on just one member of the Bluth family and their storyline, which was spread across 15 episodes. Now, however, Hurwitz has revealed that Season 4 is to be 'remixed' (or re-edited) into a more conventional format of 22 episodes. 

He said in a statement that he wanted to “pursue it as a comedic experiment to see if new jokes and a new perspective would emerge from a remix that features all the Bluths in every episode”.

The new remixed edition - full title 'Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences' will be available on Netflix from this Friday, May 4th.

Read Hurwitz's full statement below: