A number of pilot episodes for potential new series are coming out of the woodwork these days, which is great to see.

'Hot Pink' is the title of a new young adult series in the works at Amazon, which will see Sarah Michelle Gellar return to our screens.

The former 'Buffy' star has been cast in a role in the series, which is "loosely inspired" by Elana K. Arnold’s book 'What Girls Are Made Of', according to Variety.

The series is believed to be steered towards the young adult market, which means that Gellar will likely not be playing the lead role of Nina Faye. In the novel, 16-year-old Nina was previously told by her mother that there is no such thing as unconditional love.

However, when her boyfriend breaks up with her because of her constant need to prove her worthiness, she sets out on a voyage of self-discovery. It's also about one young girl's exploration of her body, and her learning about the horrific past that females have endured.

With Sarah Michelle Gellar now 43-years-old, she could be playing the role of Nina's mother, but we will likely find out more about the project should it be given a series run at Amazon.

'Hot Pink' was created by Elisabeth Holm, who will also executive produce alongside Rebecca Green, Sue Naegle and Ali Krug. Desiree Akhavan of 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' will direct the pilot episode.

Amazon is attempting to break into the young adult market more with their upcoming titles. 'The Wilds' received high praise following its release last year, and will get a second season run on the streamer.