One of the very few comedians who have managed to make fun of Donald Trump effectively in this age of deadened satire is Sarah Cooper.

How's she doing that, you might ask? Pretty simple, actually. She simply lipsyncs to what Donald Trump is saying, embellished ever so slightly with a little bit of editing, and voila - a viral hit.

It's probably due to the fact that Trump, when divorced from his frighteningly comical visage, is just as stupid. Either way, Sarah Cooper has now become a sensation so it was only a matter of time before a comedy special came calling.

Netflix has announced that her special, 'Everything's Fine', will hit in the coming months, with none other than Natasha Lyonne directing and Maya Rudolph acting as executive producer. The special will also feature some special guests, a couple of sketches, and sounds more like a pilot than a comedy special, but who knows? Maybe it is?

Cooper also guest-hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' just last night, so it's clear her career is now firmly on the upward trajectory.

Expect something along these lines in the show when it hits Netflix.