Halloween and '90s TV shows lovers - one of our favourites is now available to stream.

If you were a child from the '80s or '90s, chances are that you've caught more than just a few episodes of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' in your time. Well, get ready to re-live every single episode, because all 163 of them are available to watch now on Amazon Prime.

The full 'Sabrina' collection hitting Amazon Prime marks the series' 25th anniversary since debuting on our screens.

Running for seven seasons from 1996 through to 2003, the young adult series followed the various antics that the titular half-witch/half-mortal got up to in her early teenage years under the watchful eye of her two aunts Hilda and Zelda and her cat, Salem, who previously tried to take over the world. The later seasons followed the young adult witch as she juggled her romantic life while living away from the Spellman House.

As great as the sitcom was overall, it was always the Halloween episodes that struck a chord most with fans of the series. Our favourite? It's a toss-up between 'A River Of Candy Corn Runs Through It' (the one with the Halloween carolers) or 'Good Will Haunting' (the one with the talking Molly Dolly).

Melissa Joan Hart, who played the role of Sabrina all those years ago, recently teamed up with Nick Bakay - the voice of Salem - for a coffee advert earlier in the week.

So, why not join in on the witching fun and head back into the linen closet for a trip to the other realm, and watch 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' on Amazon Prime now.