Ryan Reynolds is working with Netflix once again on a new feature film. And sure we all know we're going to watch it.

Earlier this year '6 Underground', directed by Michael Bay and starring Reynolds, hit the platform.

The actor is also co-starring with Dwayne Johnson on Netflix movie 'Red Notice'.

Filming for the action flick is on hold due to the current health crisis.

It's not the only movie they have in the works.

As reported a few months back, Ryan Reynolds will also play the lead in an adaptation of classic video game 'Dragon's Lair' for the streaming giant.

In this latest collaboration, the 'Deadpool' star will co-write the script as well as play an undisclosed role in the film.

He's working with 'The Nines' writer-director John August on the feature, which is titled 'Upstate'.

The logline is being kept strictly secret for now. But we do know that it's an original comedy.

August, whose credits include 'Big Fish' and Disney's live-action 'Aladdin', is co-writing with Reynolds and may end up directing.

However there's no word on a deal yet.

Anyone itching to see Reynolds on the big screen rather than the telly can check out his next movie, action-comedy 'Free Guy', in cinemas in December.