Amazon's upcoming behemoth of a show 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' has just dropped a new trailer, giving us some striking new visuals.

Following on from the shorter teaser trailer Prime subscribers got last week, the LOTR spinoff trailers gives us a deeper insight into the ongoings of Middle Earth in the upcoming series.

Featuring in the trailer is a small speech from a Harfoot with a peculiar Irish-sounding accent. She say "Elves have forests to protect. Dwarves, their mines. Men, their fields of grain. But we Harfoots have each other. We're safe."

We really hope it's the editing of the trailer that makes it sound like a mock Irish accent. Let's hope we don't have another 'Wild Mountain Thyme' scenario on our hands, but it doesn't sound promising.

In the trailer, we get a good look at characters such as High King Gil-galad (Benjamin Walker), the Harfoots Marigold Brandyfoot (Sara Zwangobani), Elanor 'Nori' Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh), Poppy Proudfellow (Megan Richards) and Sadoc Burrows (Sir Lenny Henry), The Stranger (Daniel Weyman), the Dwarves King Durin III (Peter Mullan) and Prince Durin IV (Owain Arthur), Halbrand (Charlie Vickers), and Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova).

The series is planned to last five whole seasons, with showrunners having already mapped out the entire journey.

"We even know what our final shot of the last episode is going to be," storyteller Payne teased to Empire ahead of its world-exclusive cover story. "The rights that Amazon bought were for a 50-hour show."

Watch the trailer below.

'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' releases on Prime Video on September 2, 2022.