One of the biggest, most well-known video game IPs to get the live-action treatment on Netflix has been canned.

Netflix's gamble at creating a positive live-action experience for fans of the 'Resident Evil' video game franchise hasn't worked out, and the streamer has cancelled the new series after just eight episodes have been made.

Starring Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, the horror series was split between the "present" day where his family moves into an enclosed community in New Raccoon City, and the future where his adult daughter Jade (Ella Balinska) is trying to survive in a world where a retrovirus has been unleashed.

We didn't overly love the series in our review, but at the same time we didn't hate it. It had the potential to grow into something more, but the series struggled to break away from being flat in the present-day backstory about the two sisters who found themselves delving further and further into the Umbrella Corporations' (and their father's) wrong-doing.

The series did get a pretty cool and hideous Times Square 3D billboard upon its release, indicating that maybe Netflix did have some money behind the marketing of it. Presumedly though, the streamer didn't promote the series as heavily as it could have in other parts of the world and might have slipped underneath many people's radars.

The eight-episode series debuted back on July 14 but was overwhelmingly trashed online. The 'Resident Evil' live-action gamble has been cancelled after a long line of sub-par movie releases over the years.

Yet another failed Umbrella experiment, is the franchise doomed to never get a worthy TV or movie creation? It seems Capcom should just keep making the video game series on which it's based - and leave it at that.

'Resident Evil 4', which is often regarded as the best entry in the video game series, is getting a fresh remake on platforms early next year. The game was first released on GameCube in 2005, followed by its release on PlayStation 2, PC, and Nintendo Wii.