Whether you're a fan of Homelander or not, you can't deny that the Supe is pretty entertaining (for all the wrong reasons).

But Homelander isn't the only troublesome character in the Amazon Prime series, with every single character being as bat-sh*t crazy as the next. So in order to test your knowledge of the satirical superhero series, we thought we'd create a quiz based on 'The Boys'.

With filming of season three of the irreverent series well underway at this stage, and with us all waiting for every single tidbit of information we can get about it, it's time to test your memory on the first two entries in the series.

You've only got 60 seconds to answer all 10 questions below - just don't fail so bad that Homelander has to swoop down and laser you to bits.

Best of luck, and as always let us know how well you do by commenting your results on Facebook.

The first two seasons of 'The Boys' are available to watch on Amazon Prime.