We've had the whole weekend to mull over the first two episodes of 'WandaVision', and we're still trying to piece together what is happening.

And that's all part of the fun. The first MCU series to arrive on Disney+ has all us Marvel fans scratching our heads. While we might not know so much right now, we do know that the 'WandaVision' ending will be all kinds of epic, according to Paul Bettany.

Bettany plays superhero Vision in the series, who is living out his stereotypical '50s suburban life with Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen. The first two episodes introduced us to a black and white style, heavily influenced by the American sitcom 'I Love Lucy'.

Of course, this is the MCU we're talking about here, so not everything is as rosy it seems. We've got our rose-tinted glasses on right now, and we're rather enjoying it to be honest. It's refreshing, and something completely left-of-field.

Disney+ will be releasing a new half-hour chapter every Friday, with the series finale of the 9-part series arriving on March 5. And speaking of the series finale, Bettany had these words of encouragement for those of us who are feeling a little bit more than confused.

He said: "Vision begins to realise that something's not right about this town. And then the world of the MCU that we've all grown to know and love, and this world, collide in the most epic of endings."

Not only that - Bettany also teased a major actor that he's never worked with before will be making an appearance.

He continued: "There's stuff that I can't talk to you about... like I get to work with his actor that is a total secret, and I get to work with this actor that I have been longing to work with and act with for years. And I finally got to. It was amazing!"

Here's the full clip from his Collider interview.

Episode three of 'WandaVision' will debut on Disney+ this Friday, January 22. Read our review of the first three episodes here.