Patrick Dempsey has confirmed that he will be returning for the 'Enchanted' follow-up. It was previously confirmed that Amy Adams would also be back.

'Enchanted' hit cinemas back in 2007. It follows a cartoon princess who gets transported to the real world of New York City. She and a lawyer fall in love and she decides to stay with him rather than return to the kingdom of Andalasia.

The sequel to 'Enchanted' is titled 'Disenchanted'.

Patrick Dempsey has been making a comeback of late, having recently popped up in 'Grey's Anatomy' to the delight of fans.

Speaking on Good Morning America about 'Enchanted', the actor said: "I just got this script for the second movie. And then I'm starting to go through and get notes together."

He sang the praises of Amy Adams, saying she was "amazing" in the original. He added that he's "excited" to work with her again.

The actor revealed that they're planning on starting shooting this spring.

For 'Grey's' fans, Patrick Dempsey also confirmed that he'll be appearing in this season again later.

'Disenchated' will be available exclusively on Disney+.

It's not the only Disney live action sequel that is garnering much excitement as 'Hocus Pocus 2' and 'Sister Act 3' are other titles that have gotten the green light.