It's not out for another year, but 'Loki' is shaping up to one of the most unusual outputs from Marvel in quite some time. is reporting that Owen Wilson - yes, Owen Wilson - is joining 'Loki' in a major-yet-unspecified role. The series picks up right after 'Avengers: Endgame' where Loki snatched the Tesseract (that's the blue cube thing) and disappeared into space-time.

'Loki' will then see the god of mischief shifting through time, disrupting real-life events, and carrying on along the way. Where Owen Wilson fits into this, however, is anyone's guess - but expect it to be weird.

For one, the series is being written by 'Rick & Morty' scribe Michael Waldron, with directing by 'Sex Education' alum Kate Herron. On top of that, given how 'Loki' is about time-travel and how successful 'Thor: Ragnarok' it was, ploughing that weird furrow is probably the best way to go with it.

'Loki' arrives on Disney+ in the spring of 2021.