It's been almost one year since the release of 'Love, Death + Robots' volume two, meaning we're very ready for the next season.

The best thing about the Netflix original 'Love, Death + Robots' is that you can gobble up every episode in a day because they're all under 20 minutes long.

It's also the worst thing about it, since we always want more of the episodic one-hit wonders that follow a completely new anecdote with a new animation style every episode.

Last time, 'Love, Death + Robots' brought us automated customer services bots that doubled as murderers, a beached Gulliver-esque giant, and a black-mirror style reality where the rich controlled every aspect of life.

The trailer released yesterday showcases tidbits from nine new stories; 'Bad travelling' features sailors fighting on a ship sailing through a wobbly, stormy sea filled with sea monsters. Oh, and it''s directed by David Fincher.

The second tale 'The very pulse of the machine' feels quite pop-art, following an astronaut around animated landscapes with female figures that shift and move.

Soldiers face underground cave demons in 'In vaulted halls entombed'. A bejeweled witch of the water faces an army in 'Jibaro', fighting them off with a banshee scream. She becomes entangled with a soldier — could this be love?

'Swarm' seems to exhibit a tail-less mermaid and merman that promises "we can bring order to the chaos of human expansion".

We have a sneaky favorite — an old Scottish man looks some cockney vermin in the face in 'Mason's rats' and goes "the f*ck is that". Will the rats take over the farm? Well, they're driving mini-tanks and wielding mini weapons, so they're in with a chance.

'Three robots: exit strategies' gives us a quick glance at two robots arriving on a desolate island while one robot remarks to another, "what is a tech millionaire?". His tiny robot friend replies "it's a lot like a regular millionaire but with a hoodie and crippling social anxiety".

'Kill team kill' looks like it could be a 2000s cartoon where three soldiers kill off a gigantic, part-robot grizzly bear.

There's an entire miniature world to be destroyed in 'Night of the mini dead', featuring mini Paris, mini ice caps, and what looks like a mini heist at a gas station.

We don't know about anybody else, but we can't wait for more animated robots, lovers, and killers.

'Love, Death + Robots' comes out on Netflix on the 20th of May.