The news from Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' camp has all been very disproving of the hypothesis that love can truly be blind; all of the couples from season two of the hit show have called it quits and now, after being dumped at the alter, one of season one's contestant has just got married.

On the first series of 'Love Is Blind' this contestant wore his heart on his sleeve. He embraced the nature of the experiment by falling in love, sight unseen. He took dig after dig from his then fiancé and watched as she fed her dog wine. It's Mark Cuevas!

His stint on the show very tumultuous after proposing to Jessica Batten in the pods without ever having seen her. From there, things went downhill. It seemed blatantly obvious, even to Cuevas eventually, that Jessica was still after her pod-flame, Barnett. Ultimately, he was unceremoniously dumped at the alter.

Now, over two years later, Cuevas has officially gotten married. Disclaimer: not to Batten, but she is engaged too. His wife is Aubrey Rainey and together they have two children, one-year-old Ace and 6 month old Axton. The two kids even served as ring-bearers on the big day.

Speaking to US Weekly, Rainey explained “They have a little, I say remote-control car, but it’s like a big car that they sit in that a person can drive for them [because] they’re not old enough to navigate that yet, but they will go down the aisle as the little ring bearers,” and she even doted “They have matching suits … to Dad’s".

Before the big day, Cuevas admitted "With everything that’s happened in our lives the past few years and how we’ve persevered and just stuck together and just seeing her walk down the aisle. I get chills now, but like it’s gonna be, I can’t put into words how it’s gonna be when I actually see her".

Nawww. Isn't that lovely. Congrats!