After crafting one of the most iconic movies of the early '00s in 'Lost In Translation', it's only just now that Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray have reteamed for a conventional movie (nobody's counting that Netflix musical thing).

'On The Rocks' sees Murray play the freewheeling, effortlessly charming father to Rashida Jones, a young mother who begins to suspect that her husband, played by Marlon Wayans, is potentially up to something when he begins to work later and later with a new colleague.

The movie sees Murray and Jones track Wayans through New York, stopping along the way to sneak into parties and hotspots to follow him, as they discover that the fractious father-daughter might have something to do with her relationship with her husband.

There's definitely echoes of 'Lost In Translation' here, not just in having Bill Murray back involved, but also the fact that Phoenix is doing the soundtrack, it's set in a city, and it'll probably involve a montage or something to them running through a neon-lit area.

Count on it, in fact.

'On The Rocks' arrives on Apple TV+ in October. In the meantime, here's the trailer.