Netflix released season 3 of "You" last August, but we've already got a thirst for more blood.

Moving through a bustling bar-café and roaming streets full of potential "you"s, the season 3 ending shows "Nick" searching in Paris for Marianne. Remember that woman from the library who he was leaving Love for?

The prospect of Europe as "You" has portrayed it — quaint cafés and the Eiffel Tower, much like the moon, being constantly in eyeshot — was a real switch up from U.S suburbs. But if they're not shooting in Paris this season, where is Joe going?

Well, if Netflix recent Instagram post is to be trusted, Joe seems to have gone to the land of some of his favourite writers; Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë, and William Makepeace Thackeray. Surely you've guessed it by now — it's bloody England, bruv. There's even a nod to Joe's delusion in the stack of books they posted to their feed, "A Good Man in a Cruel World" which we're pretty sure is the memoir of his friend-to-be played by Ed Speleer.

We know Joe has a penchant for murdering people who are, in fairness, absolute eejits, so of course, for season 4 they've brought on a whole new cast of pretentious potential victims.

Tilly Keeper from 'Eastenders' will play "An aristocratic socialite" called 'Lady Phoebe' whose character description as reported by Deadline tells us she is "a wildcard". Amy Lee Hickman will play 'Nadia', the kind of woman who seems like she's confident, "A literature major with a love of genre storytelling and the aspiration to be a serious author", but is actually quite insecure.

Both women seem like Joe's "type". Lady Phoebe has definitely got that potential girlfriend factor that sends Joe on his murdering sprees, especially since they note that she has an "American entrepreneur boyfriend Adam" and we all know Joe loves a challenge. Nadia's character description speaks for itself — very 'Beck.'

Ed Speleers plays the "dry, irreverent" character 'Rhys', who actually sounds like he could be friendship material for our Joe. He's an author. Check. He has endured "a traumatic early life". Check. Partying isn't really his scene. Check. They share a lot in common.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release date and meanwhile, if you haven't caught up on season 3, go do it.