There's a double dose of reality TV on the return to Netflix from this April.

With the likelihood of us jetting away this summer very much dwindling, it's comforting to know that at least we'll be able to tune into some reality TV on Netflix to keep our minds off of it.

First up, it'll be the season two return of 'The Circle', which arrives next month. The US series sees eight "players" be quarantined separately, and they get to know their potential matches by investigating their social media. Only communicating using technology means each person can literally be whoever they want. At the end of the series, one person walks away with the cash tip of $100,000. Four episodes of the series will arrive each week in 2021.

Channel 4 is currently running the third season of the UK version, which is hosted by Emma Willis.

The second reality TV returning to Netflix later this year is 'Too Hot To Handle'. Season two will premiere in June, and will see 10 new contestants control themselves enough to walk away with $100,000. The first season saw the remaining 10 winners share $75,000. Similar to 'The Circle', four new episodes will be available each week.

'The Circle' will wrap up just as 'Too Hot To Handle' kicks off.

For those waiting for the return of 'Love Island' on ITV, we're still waiting for a release date for the new series - but it is on the way later this year.

Season two of 'The Circle' kicks off on Netflix on Wednesday, April 14, with a new episode weekly; 'Too Hot To Handle' season two begins in June.