It's one of Netflix's biggest ever hits - and now 'Squid Game' has been turned into a real-life reality show.

The South Korean life-or-death series about a group of contestants playing a series of survival games in a bid to win a prize jackpot was originally released in 2021.

Now, it has spawned a reality show that will see 456 players from around the world compete for a $4.56 million prize fund, with all of the original sets and games intact from the series.

Obviously (and thankfully) there are no deaths involved in this version, with a few other small differences - including contestants having to vote their fellow players out of the game.

The first trailer has been released for 'Squid Game: The Challenge', although it is already not without controversy after players complained about the way they were treated on set, claiming it was "like a war zone. Some people couldn’t move their feet because it was so cold. Some were crawling by the end. At least one was carried out on a stretcher," they said of the 'Red-Light-Green-Light' challenge, adding that they were "tortured" and treated like "animals".

Netflix responded by saying: "While it was very cold on set — and participants were prepared for that — any claims of serious injury are untrue."

The 10-episode series is available on Netflix from November 22nd.