If you feel like you've watched just about every title on Netflix, this could be an option you want to try out.

Netflix is experimenting with a "Shuffle Play" test and is launching it worldwide.

It's an option for indecisive subscribers who don't know what they want to watch.

Don't worry, it's not entirely random, as the "shuffle play" will be based on your viewing history or playlists.

A Netflix spokesperson said: "The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch."

They added: "The hope is to absolutely productize something."

The end result they're hoping for is a permanent "shuffle" feature on Netflix.

The titles served up by the streaming service when you hit "Shuffle Play" will either be shows or movies similar to ones you’ve watched previously; titles in genres you’ve viewed; or content you've saved in the 'My List' section.

You can see the "Shuffle Play" button in one of three places (or all three): underneath the profile row in the startup screen; in the "billboard" area on the home screen of a user’s profile; or on the TV menu sidebar.

At the time of writing, it is only available on TV devices.

Netflix first tested a similar feature in 2019. There was a random-episode button on the Android app, which was available for select TV shows.

Techcrunch broke the news on this latest development.