It sounds like a crossover between 'Love Island' and 'The Brady Bunch'. 16 single people head to a luxury villa in the South of France. Sounds romantic. Except that their sibling is there for the same reasons.

If first dates often weren't awkward enough, contestants on 'Dated & Related' meet and mingle with potential love interests... while their brother or sister is right there doing the exact same thing. Does anyone feel uncomfortable? Good.

Netflix's new dating show is taking the concept packaged by 'Ex on the Beach' and taking it one step further — things are about to get a whole lot more awks than usual for these singletons. And we can't wait to watch it play out even if we're going to cringe behind our hands for most of it.

For viewers, we imagine the drama will be up and down the walls since there's much more opportunities for scraps far beyond us giving our siblings head noogies or calling them expletives for robbing our chocolate from the fridge.

So, we know what you're thinking — why would anybody do this? Welp, the trailer says it's because "when you're searching for your soulmate, it helps to have someone in your corner". But like... literally? We're not sure.

Many of the contestants seem to have their eyes on the prize though and they're happily shifting like young ones at a disco right in front of their brother or sister. Meanwhile others are hasty under the watchful eye of a protective family member. Juiiiiiicy.

Netflix's 'Dated & Related' is out on the 2nd of September 2022.