Netflix claims that the 'Tiger King' contributor, who filed a court case against the streamer last week, has no right to press charges due to the terms agreed on the original release form she signed for the first series.

In case you weren't already aware, Carole Baskin is pissed off at Netflix once again. She and her husband have filed legal action against the streamer for footage of them used in the 'Tiger King 2' series trailer.

Monday of last week saw Baskin and her husband Howard attempt to sue Netflix and 'Tiger King 2' producers Royal Goode Productions over what they called "unauthorized" use of footage of them both.

However, a federal judge in Florida was quick to swat away the legal action, citing that their inclusion in the series does not "cause any immediate harm" to them both.

Now responding to Carole Baskin's legal action, Netflix and Royal Goode Productions say that both she and her husband signed releases in 2019 while filming 'Tiger King' that "explicitly permit" the use of the footage in later projects.

The court filing also stresses that the motion should be denied as it "strikes at the heart of the First Amendment" of the US Constitution, which protects free speech in the country. They described her case as "futile" and that she has "no claim at all" in filing a lawsuit against them.

They also stated that the series has turned Baskin into a "pop culture phenomenon" and her "breach of contract claim is merely a red herring, lacking any merit".

In fact, were it not for Netflix and 'Tiger King', we might not even know who Carole Baskin is. Her legal action against the show that turned her into a household name - potentially for all of the wrong reasons - seems a little hollow when you consider how much money she has made following the release of the series on Netflix in March, 2020.

Going off of her Cameo account alone (which will set you back €214 for one personalised video), in just one week last year, she made a whopping $120,000. Oh, and she also managed to give a shout out to Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile.

The five-episode follow-up 'Tiger King 2' arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, November 17.

Via Sky News.