How's your 'Black Mirror' memory, eh?

With 21 episodes, one movie, and a Christmas special under its wing, 'Black Mirror' has been going since humble beginnings on Channel 4. Jumping onto Netflix since 2016, the series went from the having a cult following to one that now reaches around the globe. And so, a 'Black Mirror' quiz is in order.

The next season of Charlie Brooker's sci-fi series might not arrive for quite some time (given how bleak the world is right now) so fans of the series will have to wait until we head back to what the potential future might be looking like. And with various helpful (and horrifying) technology featuring in the series to date, we thought a quiz would do just the trick.

But the question is - how good is your memory of the gadgets and gizmos that featured in the series? It's time to test your memory with our 'Black Mirror' quiz.

This may prove difficult - if you're bad at remembering the names of each episode. You've got 60 seconds. Go!