The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix for $50 million, due to copyright infringement. They are claiming that the creators of Netflix and Warner Bros. joint effort the 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' have ripped off their Baphomet statue.

If you don't know what the Baphomet statue is, the statue features two children looking up in awe at a goat-headed man-beast. Here's a Twitter user to explain.

The Satanic Temple, not to be confused with The Church of Satan, are a political activist group based in Salem, Massachusetts. According to the temple's lawsuit, the 'Sabrina' Baphomet "contains several elements that make it an 'original expression' and subject to copyright."

The statue features prominently in the TV series, and is the focal point of Sabrina's Academy of the Unseen Arts. The Satanic Temple claims it spent $100,000 designing and building the statue, and that they wish people would stop using their design.

Via Variety.