According to new research, Netflix's lack of playing adverts has saved the average user over a week's worth of time (in America this is).

If there's one thing that Netflix is ahead of their competitors with, it's their stance on having no adverts. In comparison to some other streaming services (including those that play trailers for other original content already on their platform), the lack of Netflix adverts sets it high and above the rest.

Their user-friendly plan has led to us having days of free time on our hands (to watch more Netflix presumedly). In 2019, Netflix said that the average user spent two hours per day viewing TV shows and movies on the service, which is roughly 730 hours of viewing over the whole year. Now, if we were to put the same amount of time into watching terrestrial TV, the figure would be far less due to adverts.

As this is American data being used, their network television averages 18 minutes of commercials per hour, adding up to 9.1 days of advert-less Netflix viewing - which is quite a lot. Us over here in Ireland don't have as many minutes of commercials per hour of course, and average between six to nine minutes of adverts per hour.

Taking that into account, that means Irish Netflix viewers are having an average of three days per year without any adverts in their streaming lives.

The statistics come from, who estimates that in more recent times, that figure has most definitely increased. They reckon Netflix users are now spending at least two and a half hours on the service each day due to being indoors more often.

Netflix rolling out adverts has long been a hot topic, but the service has always denied the inclusion of ads for customers.