Hot on the heels of 'Extraction' and The Old Guard' comes another action-packed blockbuster from Netflix.

Blending action with sci-fi this time around, 'Outside The Wire' sees Avengers star Anthony Mackie play an android officer prototype named Leo in a war zone in the near future.

He'll be joined by new recruit Harp, played by British actor Damson Idris, and both will work together to locate an explosive device from the enemy. Leo, it appears, has a personal vendetta to settle - which means that military androids have feelings now.

Given how successful Netflix's previous action titles have fared with audiences, we're pretty confident that this will be another win for the streamer. 'Extraction' starring Chris Hemsworth is already gearing up for a sequel movie, and Charlize Theron has expressed interest in returning to 'The Old Guard' down the line.

Swedish film director Mikael Håfström helmed 'Outside The Wire'. Håfström's back catalogue of titles include a couple of horror movies such as '1408' starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, and 'The Rite' with Anthony Hopkins and Irish actor Colin O'Donoughue.

Here's the trailer for the movie, which arrives on Netflix very soon.

Set in the future, Harp (Damson Idris), a drone pilot, is sent into a deadly militarized zone where he finds himself working for Leo (Anthony Mackie), an android officer, tasked to locate a doomsday device before the insurgents do.

'Outside The Wire' lands on Netflix January 15.