The 'How I Met Your Mother' superstar takes to the hot seat, chatting about his career as an Oscars host, dying a gruesome death mid orgasm, and his new series 'Uncoupled' produced by none other than 'Emily In Paris' visionary, Darren Star.

'Hot Ones' host Sean Evans sat down with Neil Patrick Harris over a plate of the usual; ten courses of hot wings with increasing intesnity on the Scoville chart.

Aside from chugging milk and cursing the wrath of the wing, Harris got to reminiscing on his role as raging hetrosexual Barney Stinson in 'How I Met Your Mother' to his latest character — a real estate agent living in New York, fresh on the queer dating scene.

Having just gone through a rather abrupt breakup after a life together of 17 years with his partner in 'Uncoupled', there's a grief that punctuates the comedic nature of the show. Of that tonal blending, Harris explains despite its tragic plot line "it's a Darren Star show, so it's got that definite 'Sex and the City', 'Emily in Paris' kind of vibe to it".

"But a break-up show seems very relatable, very universal" he expands, discussing that comedy and tragedy are often two sides of a coin in life in general "[the comedy] makes the emotion hit harder in many ways, right, 'cus you're not expecting it".

He's no stranger to a challenge, whether that be eating one of the spicest wings we can possibly conceive to doing a scene in 'Gone Girl' wherein his throat is slit "mid orgasm". Harris explains that he couldn't really rehearse the scene that much because of the nature of the blood and gore. He says "once it happened, we wanted to make sure it felt real".

We're not going to lie, after having watched umpteen seasons of Harris' character Barney Stinson behave like a bit of an arse, we're kind of living for watching him quiver under the heat of some of the spiciest peppers ever.

Watch the interview in full here.