Michelle Yeoh's character from 'Star Trek: Discovery', Captain Phillipa Georgiou, is getting her own spin-off series.

The as-yet untitled series will follow Yeoh's character and Section 31, the secretive organisation within the Star Trek universe that's tasked with defending the Federation by any means necessary. Basically, none of the stuff that you'd see any other person in all of 'Star Trek' doing, and that's Section 31.

The latest series of 'Star Trek: Discovery' kicks off on Netflix here in Ireland and the UK from this Friday, with the opening episode directed by Alex Kurtzman. Unlike other Netflix series, 'Star Trek: Discovery' goes from week to week rather than in one go, as the series originally debuts on CBS All Access in the US.

In a statement attached to the press release, Yeoh said that "(being) a part of this universe and this character specifically has been such a joy for me to play. I can’t wait to see where it all goes – certainly I believe it will go ‘where no WOMAN has ever gone before!’"

No air date has been set for the series.