'The Crown' season 4 launched on Netflix a few weeks ago and is still trending as one of the streamer's most watched programmes. Thus we've chosen the series as our theme for the mid-week quiz.

Even those who hadn't seen 'The Crown' seasons one through three are popping into the latest episodes. After all, they include the performances of Gillian Anderson as PM Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Diana Spencer.

The Netflix series is renowned for its lavish and glamorous production design. The widespread praise of the production extends to the costumes, which are just like those the real life historical figures wore.

The costume designer for seasons 3 and 4 has been Amy Roberts. Reportedly there were 400 costumes made by hand for this season. 120 were for the Queen while 80 for Diana.

If you've been watching season 4 closely - or know your Royal Family archives - you should ace this quiz.

No Googling or other cheating allowed and let us know how you did in the comments on Facebook.

All four seasons of 'The Crown' are streaming on Netflix now.

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