Later this year on Disney+ we'll get to see the introduction of a brand new superhero in the MCU - but it might also spell the end of one of our favourites.

Mark Ruffalo is set to appear in Disney+'s 'She-Hulk' series, reprising his role as Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. However, following on from the latest conversation with the actor this week, it appears it might be the very last time he'll "Hulk out" on screen.

Speaking to Access Hollywood this week, Mark Ruffalo was full of praise for his 'She-Hulk' co-star Tatiana Maslany. While on the red carpet for his Netflix film 'The Adam Project', Ruffalo said: "Maslany is frickin' legendary as the She-Hulk.

"I'm passing the banner onto her. There's some really good, funny, cool, long, long scenes between the professor and her. We've never really seen the Hulk interact with people the way he does in that show. It'll be really interesting."

As with everything Marvel and MCU-related, plot details about the series are tightly under wraps. However, it's widely known that the introduction of Jennifer Walters AKA She-Hulk will pave the way for her to appear in many more upcoming Marvel-related properties.

In the comics, Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner who receives a life-saving (and life-altering) blood transfusion after a near-fatal injury. Walters gains all of the power of The Hulk, except unlike her cousin, she is able to keep her mind fully in check after "Hulking out".

'She-Hulk' will also star Jameela Jamil as the series' antagonist, (rather confusingly named) Tatiana. The character is a supervillain who becomes the titular heroes' rival who also has similar abilities. Tatiana will supposedly not be the only villainous appearance in the series as Tim Roth's Abomination is also expected to feature.

The female-led series will arrive at some point after Oscar Isaac's 'Moon Knight' hits the streaming service this March. 'Ms. Marvel' is the only other MCU series confirmed for this year. 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness' will arrive in theatres this May, followed by 'Thor: Love And Thunder' in July.

'She-Hulk' will be made up of 10 episodes and lands on Disney+ later in 2022.