The season one conclusion looks just an intriguing as we hoped.

The trailer for the concluding part of the French Netflix series is here, and we honestly cannot wait to see what is about to go down in 'Lupin' part two.

The series set global records for the streaming platform earlier this year, topping charts all around the world - including here in Ireland. Naturally, the Omar Sy-led thriller series would be back for a second round, and Arsène Lupin will return to avenge his father in the concluding part of season one at some point this summer.

In February, co-creator of the series, George Kay, revealed that 'Lupin' part two would delve deeper in Lupin's dark past.

Here's the 'Lupin' part two trailer for you. We're feeling generous, so you can watch the original French version by using the Twitter link, or you can watch the dubbed English version in the video below, depending on how you watch your international series.