Both of the superhero series' launched their second seasons on the streaming platform this year, and maybe it was just too much super for people to handle. Exclusive news coming from Screenrant is that viewing figures for both series dropped dramatically from their first to second seasons.

The website had a chat with a San-Franciso based analytics company 'Jumpshot', who had all of the viewing figures. While the information is only US-specific, it's pretty clear why Netflix would want to pull the superhero plug.

'Luke Cage' viewership from season one to season two dropped from 92% to 38%; while 'Iron Fist' fared worse, dropping from 80% to 29%. That's a 59% loss for Power Man, and a huge 64% loss for The Almighty Iron Fist.

The main cause of this viewership might lie with Netflix itself, however. The Defenders series was built up to be a culmination of all four Marvel superheroes hosting an epic crossover, and kicking some baddie butt together. The Defenders turned out to be an awful boring affair. It made no sense half of the time, and featured the four superheroes coming and going as they pleased.

Releasing both 'Iron Fist' and 'Luke Cage' seasons two after this mess hasn't faired well for the streaming company. Fans clearly had already had enough, and feared both of the second seasons would be more of the same. Although some are hopeful that another crossover featuring the two supers might be on the cards in the future, the jury's out on that one.

We just hope that Daredevil doesn't get cancelled - because Matt Murdock's third season return was off-the-wall epic.