Hey squirrel friends! The very first episode of RPDR UK season four aired last Thursday and we don't know about you, but we're already in love with this cast of queens. The entrance looks were... a bit of a mixed bag, so let's debrief.

The calibre of drag artistry is high this season, with almost every queen claiming either icon status in the UK or a hape of confidence in their 'Meet the Queens' video. Often, the true test of a queen is how well she executes her entrance look — something a polished queen will have prepared for a long time.

Cheddar Gorgeous

There's something about this that gives us Gaga meets Acid Betty.

Danny Beard

A drag dominatrix.

Dakota Schiffer

Let's just agree that this look was redeemed by her - spoiler - lip sync.

Copper Top

When you have cheer practice at 6 but prom at 7.

Sminty Drop

She's like a real-life Bratz doll.

Pixie Polite

Our comedy queen serving a 'U K Hun?'.

Just May

Bond Girl, but make it drag.

Black Peppa

Did somebody say, front-runner? (Yes, we did.)

Le Fil

From carrot top to carrot tuck.

Jonbers Blonde

Our Irish queen serving Old Hollywood glamour.


This look can be summed up in seven words. No one puts Baby in a corner.


Ru said this is one of his favourite entrance looks of all time. Agreed.

Our top toots for these entrance looks go to Starlet because just look at it, along with Black Peppa and Cheddar Gorgeous. They say first impressions are important, so which queens had your favourite entrance look this season?

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