"I'm overwhelmed by the scale of affection and support the song is receiving and it's all happening really fast."

Kate Bush has shared her thanks to 'Stranger Things' creators the Duffer Brothers because that 'Running Up That Hill' wheel just keeps on turning. And rightly so.

The 63-year-old '70s and '80s hitmaker has been reeling with the fresh attention that her iconic bop has been getting for the past few weeks, and now she's written a heartfelt message to Matt and Ross Duffer.

The superstar took to her official website over the weekend to write her message, entitling the post 'On Top of that Hill'.

She writes: "The Duffer Brothers have created four extraordinary series of 'Stranger Things' in which the child actors have grown into young adults. In this latest series the characters are facing many of the same challenges that exist in reality right now. I believe the Duffer Brothers have touched people's hearts in a special way, at a time that's incredibly difficult for everyone, especially younger people.

"By featuring 'Running Up That Hill' in such a positive light — as a talisman for Max (one of the main female characters) — the song has been brought into the emotional arena of her story. Fear, conflict and the power of love are all around her and her friends.

"I salute the Duffer Brothers for their courage - taking this new series into a much more adult and darker place. I want to thank them so much for bringing the song into so many people’s lives.

"I’m overwhelmed by the scale of affection and support the song is receiving and it’s all happening really fast, as if it’s being driven along by a kind of elemental force.

"I have to admit I feel really moved by it all. Thank you so very much for making the song a No 1 in such an unexpected way. Kate"

And overwhelmed she must be feeling. 'Running Up That Hill' has been climbing music charts all over the world since it made a prominent appearance in the first four episodes of season four, helping Max (Sadie Sink) to fight off the villainous Vecna.

The song has charted number one in the Irish, Australian and UK charts, and entered the top 10 in the US. As Bush is the sole owner of the hit song and the album on which it features, 'Hounds of Love', she is reportedly making upwards of $200,000 per week from a single streaming platform in royalties for just one song. So yes, Kate Bush can share all of her thanks to 'Stranger Things' and the Duffer Brothers, because she's now rolling in it.

Let's give her a few extra bob, shall we?

'Stranger Things' season four concludes with the final two episodes, set for release on Netflix on July 1.