The actor may has scuppered any potential 'Star Wars' appearance in the future by saying he doesn't get the intergalactic franchise.

Jonah Hill is definitely not a fan of 'The Mandalorian'. Up until recently he wasn't a fan of any sci-fi TV or movies, to be honest.

It turns out that his 'Don't Look Up' co-star and close friend Leonardo DiCaprio attempted to show the popular Disney+ series to Hill because he was such a big fan. While he wasn't bowled over with excitement, however, he did see just how "cute" Baby Yoda/Grogu was.

In his interview with W Magazine, Jonah Hill said of watching 'The Mandalorian: "Leo made me watch 'The Mandalorian' when we were making 'Don’t Look Up', and it was like, Baby Yoda was so cute, but I just didn’t give a fuck because I didn’t know anything that it was about."

Hill said that he used to have some specifications when it comes to watching TV series or movies - they have to be realistic: "I used to have a rule: If it didn’t happen or it couldn’t happen, then I just wasn’t interested, because I would lose focus."

However, this "rule" doesn't stop him from loving another fan-favourite TV franchise, 'Game of Thrones'. Only tuning in to see the happenings of the fantasy series based on the books of George R. R. Martin very recently, Hill said the series "is so sick". Currently on season four, just wait until you get to that eighth season, Jonah, and come back to us...

He said: "'Game of Thrones' is so sick. I know this is hilarious because I’m in 2012. I’m just watching three episodes at a time, like you would binge any show. But I forget this happened in real-time and was like a cultural event.

"So I watched the Red Wedding, as one of three episodes I watched that night. I’m calling friends, like, 'Oh my god, Robb Stark got killed, blah, blah, blah'. And they’re like, 'Yeah, dude. It was like the end-of-'Sopranos'-level cultural event'."

Hill, whose film 'Superbad' turned him into a household name, spoke about the potential of a sequel to the coming-of-age comedy from 2007. He joked: "I haven't pitched this to anybody. What I want to do is when we're like 80, do a 'Superbad 2'. Like, old-folks-home 'Superbad'. Our spouses die, and we're single again. That's what I want 'Superbad 2' to be, and that's the only way I would ever make it."