To be fair to Joe Biden, everyone who watched 'Tiger King' the first time couldn't really make sense of it.

For one, the idea that it's totally legal in the US to have gigantic tigers as pets is crazy enough, but then factor in Joe Exotic's colourful personal life - getting married to two men at the same time, for example - and everything with Carole Baskin, and it's going to put your head in a spin.

Given how Joe Biden is indoors like the rest of us and can't go anywhere or doing any kind of regular political campaigning, he's been watching Netflix and tried out 'Tiger King'.

The reveal came during a video interview with one of Biden's granddaughters, Finnegan, who asked the typical TV / books question. "Everybody is watching this 'Tiger King' show, so I turned it on and we watched about 20 minutes of it. And Pops (that's Joe Biden's nickname, apparently) looks at me and he said, 'What are we watching?!' I mean, it was like so crazy."

Meanwhile, Biden's granddaughter is reading none other than Sally Rooney's 'Normal People' - which is due to air on TV at the end of this month - and 'Conversations with Friends', while Biden himself is reading a book on Irish poetry.

Here's the whole video. Also note that Biden is your typical Irish granddad with the embarrassing jokes near cliffs.