Netflix is gearing up for their next blockbuster outing - with the singer-turned-actor in the leading role.

Jennifer Lopez is swapping her time as a singer for the big screen all over again. The new Netflix action flick, entitled 'The Mother', will see her play an assassin who is forced out of hiding to save her estranged daughter.

According to Collider, the movie will be an original title and is currently in development with one notable director tapped to helm the project. Disney+'s 'Mulan' live-action adaptation director Niki Caro is being eyed by the streamer, with talks still ongoing.

We have hope that Jennifer Lopez can bring a new, fresh take to the action-hero genre that has now become a Netflix staple. We can already see 'The Mother' being a huge draw for audiences if their previous run of action films are anything to go by.

The streamer's recent gritty action offerings such as 'Extraction', 'The Old Guard', and '6 Underground' have proven to be a roaring success (no matter how average they are). But maybe Lopez' latest can buck that trend and be a unique take on the over-stuffed genre? If there are a few surprises thrown in there (like her 'Let's Get Loud' risk at Joe Biden's inauguration), then we are set for a thrilling caper.

Surprisingly, this is also the second JLo/Netflix team-up that we'll be seeing in the coming years. 'The Cipher', based on the book of the same name, was announced at the end of 2020, and will see Lopez star as an FBI agent who must solve clues hidden by a serial killer. Lopez will also produce both Netflix movies.