If you happened to watch 'Fyre' on Netflix over the weekend, you'll no doubt know how utterly horrifying it all was.

Not the least of which was the cringe-making awfulness of the marketing spiels from everyone involved, but you've also got Ja Rule talking about "partying like rock stars" and "f*cking like porn stars" in the middle of it. The day after the festival spectacularly failed, Ja Rule can be heard on conference calls with Billy MacFarland, trying to remedy the situation and assuring the organisers that they "didn't kill anybody, nobody got hurt. We made a mistake, we'll get past it."

So, what's happened since then?

Well, as you'll have seen in the documentary, MacFarland's now doing six years in federal prison. Ja Rule, on the other hand, is on Twitter defending himself from comments and criticisms arising out of the documentaries.

Here's a handful of tweets.

Ja Rule goes on to state that the reason he never took part in any interviews was because Billy MacFarland was - according to him - involved in both documentaries, one on Hulu and the other on Netflix. He also claimed that he watched both of the documentaries and was just as "in awe" as everyone else.

Rule also claimed that Hulu paid Billy MacFarland, and that Netflix paid the promotional team involved with Fyre Festival for their interviews. Hulu's documentary does, however, point out that Ja Rule turned down the opportunity to be interviewed for theirs, whilst Netflix's one never mentions it.

The directors of both documentaries have not yet commented on Rule's tweets. 'Fyre' is available on Netflix now.