If you've been on the hunt for a damn-good scare before bedtime - we've found the perfect film for you.

'Incantation' has been described as the "most horrifying film ever made in Taiwan". And judging from the trailer below, we're inclined to agree.

Netflix has just this week bought the global rights to the horror (which, to make things worse, is inspired by real-life events) and has set the release date for next month.

Without further ado, here's the downright petrifying trailer.

Helmed by Kevin Ko, the film has already been released in Taiwan, where it has made TW$170 million (€5.38 million) at the box office so far, making it the most successful cinematic release in the country this year. All signs are indicating this will be a Netflix hit, as it has already been critically acclaimed and is up for seven Taipei Film Awards including Best Director. The horror stars Hsuan-yen Tsai, Ying-Hsuan Kao and Sean Lin.

This year alone, Taiwan is expected to see eight horror movies get released, which is a pretty huge number from a country that releases 40 to 50 films a year. This "year of horror" was kicked off by 'Incantation', which you can see has been inspired by the likes of 'Rec', 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Paranormal Activity' by using a hand-held camera to tell the majority of the disturbing story. This time around, it's about a woman who is trying to rid her daughter of an evil curse, while another timeline shows a backstory regarding the source of this sinister force.

Director Ko says he was fearful to tell this story: "Respect for religion, especially religious taboos and religions that are very obscure, has some degree of fear in it. I love scary stories, and even so, I didn’t really quite dare to touch this topic. I wanted to magnify this feeling in 'Incantation'."

And the even better news? There are already preparations for a sequel. Let's hope the first film lives up to that creepy trailer.

'Incantation' hits Netflix on July 8.