The five seasons of adult animated sitcom 'Big Mouth' are streaming on Netflix now. If you can't get enough of Maury, Connie, the Shame Wizard, Depression Kitty, and more, you can check them out on spin-off series 'Human Resources'.

'Human Resources' lands on Netflix later this month and the full-length trailer for it is now online.

Nick, Andrew and co are taking a backseat for the series as we follow the monsters as they go to work, helping fix the lives of other humans.

The series has been described as a "workplace comedy" as the monsters help humans navigate marriage and pregnancy, and stages of life aside from puberty.

Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and David Thewlis reprise their 'Big Mouth' roles as well as Aidy Bryant, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Maria Bramford, and Keke Palmer, among others.

New characters include Pete the Logic Rock, voiced by Randall Park, and Dante the Addiction Angel, voiced by Hugh Jackman.

Helen Mirren voices Rita the Shame Wizard; Rosie Perez voices Petra the Ambition Goblin; and Chris O'Dowd voices Flanny the Love Bug.

Also in the voice cast are Lupita Nyong'o, Henry Winkler and Janelle Monáe.

Check out the trailer below.

'Big Resources' premieres on Netflix on March 18th. Watch seasons one through five of 'Big Mouth' on Netflix now.