Discovery+ have launched the trailer for 'House of Hammer', a docu-series exploring the chilling allegations made against Armie Hammer.

The three-part series not only focuses on the actor himself, but his wider family. His great grandfather Armand, was an oil tycoon with close ties to the Soviet Union.

Hammer rose to fame starring early in his career in films like 'The Lone Ranger' and 'The Social Network'. But his role in 'Call Me By Your Name' alongside Timothée Chalamet made him a household name.

However, in early 2021, numerous allegations of sexual and physical abuse were made against him, which he denied as 'vicious and spurious online attacks'. The allegations indicated the 35-year-old was supposedly interested in cannibalism and violent sexual fantasies.

Just last month, reports claimed the actor was laying low in the Cayman Islands selling timeshares, after being ousted from Hollywood.

The documentary sheds light on the allegations with interviews from alleged victims of Hammer's abuse, including ex-girlfriends Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison. Also a family member, Casey Hammer (Armie's aunt) speaks out about other shady stories of the Hammer clan.

A synopsis for the documentary reads: "Armie Hammer’s alleged crimes are only the tip of the iceberg. Through a trove of archive and interviews from survivors and family members, the dark and twisted secrets of the Hammer family come to light. Behind the money and power lies a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild."

Check out the trailer below.

'House Of Hammer' premieres on Discovery+ on September 2.