Alas, none of this will be created, since Netflix cancelled the drama series pretty soon after its debut.

A little after its debut on Netflix in September last year, 'Away' was cancelled by the streaming platform.

The drama/sci-fi starring Hilary Swank was a big-budget series that featured a team of international spacemen and women as they prepared for their eventual journey to Mars. It was a thrilling, emotional series starring the Oscar winner, and one which we quite enjoyed.

Netflix, however, had other intentions. Over a month after its positive launch, it was canned and sent into the black hole of the internet, never to be seen again. Clearly, the cost of making the series didn't live up to the number of people who actually tuned in.

Jessica Goldberg, who worked as an executive producer on the series, recently revealed to Collider how she and her colleagues envisioned the series would have continued, had it still be on Netflix's books. According to the writer (who was involved in Tom Holland's 'Cherry' too), the drama would have continued for two more seasons.

Given that the end of season one saw the multinational crew arrive on Mars safely, the next entry would see them explore the planet. She said:

In terms of season two, I always felt like if there was a final card that I would love to have on the season, it would be 'Away' will return for Season two... on Mars. Part of what we're promising is what that crew experiences at the very end, we now get to live in a new world.

We were really tossing around the big questions that anybody who explores Mars asks. Is there life? And if there is life, is it living life or is it fossilized life? And then, there are the deeper places you could go with all of those characters because we were showing little pieces of their life. I felt like, particularly with the Kwesi character, there were so many stories to tell with him that we didn't get to tell in season one. For me, space and the cosmos is the expansion of our imaginations and I feel it was a shame not to be able to explore what discovery is on that planet.

Jessica Goldberg

She also revealed that the original plan of 'Away' was to do a three-season arc for the characters, with the final season seeing them re-adapt to life three years after their initial launch.

It was always, in our head, a three-season show. The first season was gonna be that trip, the second season was Mars and the third season was Earth. We would skip the trip back because the reintegration process of being home is like, what happens if you're away for three years? How have you changed? How do you get back into your family?

That season, in particular, really interested me. You leave when your daughter is 15, and when you come home, now she's 18. It was always gonna be three seasons. I guess we probably would have written it differently, but it's just so hard to even imagine. It was also just so fun to be able to explore all of those international characters. It feels like there was a lot more to do with them.

Jessica Goldberg

Unfortunately, we'll never see the series play out like it was originally planned.