'Hamilton' has proven a major success since it hit the stage back in 2015. Now it's getting a whole other life with a 2016 filmed edition of the show landing on Disney+ last weekend.

Whether people were long-time fans or new to it, there have been calls for 'Hamilton' to get an Oscar. But it just wasn't going to happen.

At the 2016 Tony Awards, the show won 11 awards out of a record-breaking 16 nominations. It also won seven Olivier Awards in 2018, as well as a Pulitzer and a Grammy.

But at the end of the day, the Disney+ version of the show cannot compete at the Oscars. This is because according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "Recorded stage productions are not eligible for consideration."

Anyone who thinks 'Hamilton' deserves more awards should at least be happy that regarding television awards anyway, the movie version will be eligible for Emmy consideration in 2021.

According to Variety, it can enter in the outstanding variety special (pre-recorded) category. However it cannot be considered in the TV movie competition.

The TV Academy rules read: "Programs exclusively originated for or derived/adapted from a medium other than television or broadband (e.g. taped concert tour performance, Broadway play, opera, night club act), and entertainment components of sports programs (e.g. halftime show) are eligible as appropriate in variety special (live) or variety special (pre-recorded)."

It can also compete in the outstanding music direction category. This is "for a single episode of a comedy, drama or variety series, movie, limited series, or special, whether it is variety, music or cultural programming."

It won't be eligible for original music and lyrics. This is "limited to songs written expressly for, and first performed in a program during the current eligibility year."

It can also enter several crafts categories, and either the outstanding directing or special directing categories for Thomas Kail.

'Hamilton' is streaming on Disney+ now.