We might not have had a proper Eurovision Song Contest this year, but at least we have Netflix's 'Eurovision' movie to look forward to.

Due to everything happening right now, the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 didn't happen in its normal capacity this year. Instead, we'll return to Rotterdam in 2021 when we're all back to normal. However, there's still some stellar Eurovision goodness on the way next month in the form of Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams' newest comedy movie. And now, we can add our very own Graham Norton into the 'Eurovision' hype too.

According to The Daily Star, Graham's role in the feature film won't be too far of a stretch for the chat show host, as he'll be playing a Eurovision commentator, delivering the typical snarky banter we all expect while watching him host the BBC's yearly coverage of the contest. We're envisioning him as a solitary version of the Gary Cole and Jason Bateman-type personalities from 'Dodgeball', or the John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks team up from the 'Pitch Perfect' franchise.

Joining Graham Norton, Will Ferrell, and Rachel McAdams in 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga' will be Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens, and Demi Lovato. According to the publication, a number of previous Eurovision winners will also be making appearances, such as Swedish winner Loreen from 2012, Austria’s Conchita Wurst from 2014, and Israel’s Netta from 2018.

Here's the teaser trailer for the upcoming, which is an excerpt of the Icelandic entry entitled 'Volcano Man'.

'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga' will arrive on Netflix June 26.