Guillermo Del Toro is back to give us more sleepless nights with a new horror anthology series that's due to debut just in time for Halloween.

The Oscar-winning director will serve as the host for the anthology series, and the prospect of the horror master acting as the Rod Serling-style host for a series of spooky tales is enough to put a smile on any horror fans' face.

 ‘Cabinet of Curiosities' will debut over four days from October 25th till October 28th, dropping two new spine-tingling stories a day.

Del Toro himself has a hand in two of the stories, and he's enlisted some of horror's best cult directors to bring his dark, twisted visions to life.

Directors such as Jennifer Kent, who gave us the terrifying 2014 film 'The Babadook' and Greek director Panos Cosmatos who directed the wonderfully demented Nicolas Cage film 'Mandy' are some of the directors involved in the series.

There's a good crop of actors in front of the camera too, with stars like Andrew Lincoln of 'The Walking Dead' fame, Hogwarts graduate Rupert Grint, chaotic comedian Eric André, Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham and 'Back To The Future' alum Crispin Glover appearing in episodes.

In a statement, Del Toro said “with ‘Cabinet of Curiosities,’ we set out to showcase the realities existing outside of our normal world: the anomalies and curiosities. We hand-picked and curated a group of stories and storytellers to deliver these tales, whether they come from outer space, supernatural lore, or simply within our minds."

"Just in time for Halloween, each of these eight tales is a fantastical peek inside the cabinet of delights existing underneath the reality we live in.”

Del Toro is no stranger to the world of television, serving as a producer on the 'Trollhunters' series on Netflix, and vampire show 'The Strain'.

His most recent film, 'Nightmare Alley', secured 4 Oscar nominations, including a nomination for Best Picture.

'Cabinet Of Curiosities' will hit Netflix from October 25th.