It seems like today is a day for news about remakes, reboots prequels and sequels, following the news of the 'Moana' live action remake and a poitential 'Harry Potter' TV series.

There has long been talk of various prequels in the 'Game of Thrones' universe, and of course, one of them came to pass with the successful 'House of the Dragon', which focused on the Targaryen dynasty.

It seems that there is further stories to be mined from the dragon-taming family, as HBO is apparently considering another 'GoT' sequel based around Aegon I Targaryen, and his conquest of Westeros.

Variety is reporting that there is no writer attached yet and that talks are still in the early stages, but that the streaming titan is eager to get moving on it. There is also the possibility, according to sources, that HBO and Warner Bros. may collaborate on a feature film tie-in first, before moving the story into a TV series.

According to George RR Martin's books, Aegon I (aka Aegon the Conquerer) was the founder of the Targaryen dynasty, the first ruler of Westeros and the first to sit on the Iron Throne, having conquered six of its seven kingdoms (apart from Dorne) with the help of his army and his three dragons. His story takes place 300 years before the original 'Game of Thrones' series.

In the meantime, fans will be happy to know that season 2 of 'House of the Dragon' is currently in production - although it will most likely be 2024 when it hits screens.