Get ready to head into the quirky future in Amazon Prime's newest franchise adaptation.

Video game company Bethesda has released a teaser for their upcoming collaboration with Kilter Films and Amazon. The new 'Fallout' TV adaptation will debut on the streaming platform in the future, and is produced by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, who are known for roles on HBO's 'Westworld'.

Here's the brief teaser that the video game production released recently.

The 'Fallout' video game franchise is a popular choice amongst gamers for its '50s aesthetic in a modern setting, following the outcome of a nuclear war, as well as the mascot of Vault Boy - and has spanned a number of cracking titles on major gaming systems as well as a mobile game, 'Fallout Shelter'.

Bethesda has denied rumours in the past of a 'Fallout' film being made - but it seems that a TV adaptation was what they were looking for instead. Unfortunately, it happens more often than we'd like to admit, but movie versions of video games often turn out to be a load of hogwash ('Prince of Persia' and 'Assassin's Creed' we're looking at you).

However, video game adaptations made for TV audiences generally aren't what studios go for, and the ones that have stuck around are mostly anime or cartoon versions of popular games. So, a 'Fallout' TV adaptation should be a welcome addition, and hopefully a worthy one. With a big production company behind it in Amazon (the studio who are making a new 'Lord of the Rings' TV franchise), it seems the future is bright for our arrival in a post-nuclear war setting.