Netflix has done something very strange indeed - they've revealed information on people's viewing habits.

The worldwide streaming service is normally very smoke and mirrors, keeping all of its viewing figures close to its chest. Today however, business experts Bloomberg have managed to get their hands on their latest viewership figures, and Chris Hemsworth's 'Extraction' has come out on top of Netflix's most-watched original movie titles, earning itself nearly 100 million views.

It's quite incredible to hear really, considering the action flick was released less than three months ago. Although we thought that the movie was arguably one of the better Netflix offerings in recent times, it didn't blow us away. The high viewership was probably helped by the whole coronavirus situation (and a certain leading actor). Having said that, it won't be the last that we'll be seeing of the franchise either, as a sequel is planned for the future.

The other Netflix originals that made it to their top 10 list are Sandra Bullock's underwhelming 'Bird Box', Mark Wahlberg's lacklustre 'Spencer Confidential', and Martin Scorsese's three hours and thirty-minute offering 'The Irishman'.

Here's the full list of Netflix's most-watched:

  1. 'Extraction': 99 million
  2. 'Bird Box': 89 million
  3. 'Spenser Confidential': 85 million
  4. '6 Underground': 83 million
  5. 'Murder Mystery': 73 million
  6. 'The Irishman': 64.2 million
  7. 'Triple Frontier': 63 million
  8. 'The Wrong Missy': 59 million
  9. 'The Platform': 56.2 million
  10. 'The Perfect Date': 48 million

How many of the ten have you managed to watch? Because many of them are getting sequel movies. As well as 'Extraction' getting a second offering, there's a planned 'Murder Mystery' follow-up with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler in the works, as well as a 'Bird Box' sequel (which will hopefully be scary).