The star of 'Schitt's Creek' and 'American Pie' will be hosting his very first TV series.

Hosting a show where you have the opportunity to jet across the world, stay in luxurious hotels and sample some of the best food in the world sounds like a dream job, right? Well, for Eugene Levy, hosting a travel series doesn't exactly instil much excitement.

You see, Levy isn't the adventurous type. According to Apple TV+, who are developing the series, "he's not usually adventurous or well-versed in globe-trotting". So, this will certainly make for interesting viewing.

We're envisioning the series entitled 'The Reluctant Traveler' will be a more wholesome, decadent version of Karl Pilkington's 'An Idiot Abroad'. While the Sky One series saw the forlorn host get duped into doing anything and everything he hated (which wore quite thin, depending on your tolerance level), this new series will not see the likes of Ricky Gervais or Stephen Merchant force Levy into doing batsh*t crazy tasks. Although, we have to admit that we'd love it if his son Daniel Levy made an appearance or two to give some travel advice.

The official synopsis for the show is as follows: "'The Reluctant Traveler' will see Levy visit some of the world's most remarkable hotels, as well as explore the people, places and cultures that surround them. Self-confessedly not your average travel show host — he's not usually adventurous or well-versed in globe-trotting — he's agreed the time is right for him to broaden his horizons. Levy will be packing his suitcase with some trepidation but hoping his experiences might lead to a whole new chapter in his life — that’s as long as he doesn’t have to battle his motion sickness, and still gets dinner at 7."

Eugene Levy will host and executive produce his new travel series. Since finishing up his time on 'Schitt's Creek', and winning an Emmy Award for his role as Johnny Rose, Levy has been on a brief hiatus from TV shows and films. He's most famous for his work on the 'American Pie' franchise, as well as taking part in various Canadian and American sketch shows.