LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed this week that talks are still ongoing with Donald Glover about a potential 'Lando' series.

Glover starred as a young Lando Calrissian in 2018's 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'. The movie was not commercially successful and failed to break even at the box office, losing Disney millions of dollars.

However, Glover's portrayal of a young Lando was praised. Taking over from Billy Dee Williams in the original films, his charismatic performance led to fans wanting more.

In 2020 it was confirmed that a Lando series was to be developed, with writer-director Justin Simien attached. Since then, however, all has been quiet in terms of updates on the project.

Speaking to Total Film this week, president of LucasFilm Kathleen Kennedy fired up rumours again as she all but confirmed the series starring Glover is still in the works.

"I never say never [about recasting]. It's certainly not something that we're doing with any intention right now. We're still talking about Lando with Donald Glover, for instance. But I don't think we would intentionally just look back at some of the characters like Luke and Leia and whatnot and decide arbitrarily to do a story. There would have to be a really strong reason why."

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year, Glover also hinted that his involvement with the series is still a goer. In response to Kimmel saying he was working on a new 'Lando' project with Disney+, Glover jokingly asked, "am I?" He then added, "I have a lot of things [going on]. I like to blossom and then go away."

So, despite being a little hush-hush, it seems that there are enough breadcrumbs to suggest that we'll be getting a Lando series soon.

Glover himself is very busy at the moment. Just off the back of the fourth and final series of his hit show 'Atlanta', he will also star in the upcoming reboot of 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

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