Disney+ fans who have been peeved off with their favourite yellow family not landing onto the service in their original aspect need not complain any longer - they'll be here next week.

When Disney+ launched in The States and various other parts of the world in 2019, viewers rejoiced at 'The Simpsons' being available to stream at the touch of a button - for many, it was the deciding factor on whether to invest in the service or not. However, it didn't take long until fans of the Springfield residents quickly realised that some of the older episodes of 'The Simpsons' aspect ratio were slightly off.

More than slightly off in fact, that when the series was converted to fullscreen, many onscreen gags were missing thus leaving some jokes out in the cold. Disney+ will now be remedying this slight hiccup, with the option to change how you view episodes in the future.

Launching on Thursday, May 28, you'll be able to stream each episode of season one to seven of 'The Simpsons' in either their updated fullscreen or original 4:3 aspect ratio. Writer of the series Al Jean tweeted his joy at the news. He said: "The most important tweet I can make: 4:3 available on Simpsons world!"

Disney+ recently added a Maggie Simpson short feature to their 'The Simpsons' collection, and under the new owners in the House of Mouse, it looks likely that we'll be getting a second feature film sequel in the near future.